Pops and Lollies

In 2015, Natural Frozen Foods started to make their own ice pops and yogurt lollies. 

Natural Pops Re Sized
First Attempt

Using our ability to press our own fruit and vegetable juices here on site, we decided to create a range of healthy ice pops that are perfect for kids and big kids alike! That the juices are made from real fruit and vegetables and not water and flavourings means you get all the goodness from fruit and veg in your refreshing treat. It also means our ice pops are the best around! 

In addition to 100% fresh juice pops, we also use our famous frozen yogurt mix to create delciously creamy frozen yogurt lollies. We can combine the yogurt with juices, or make milky pops that taste like high quality ice cream but with all the health benefits of yogurt. 

Ice Push Pops
Freeze Pops

As you can see from both images on this page, we have the ability to do both "freeze pops" with delicious vegetable and fruit mixes (below) or more traditional milk or fruit based ice lollies. 

Some of our most popular fruit and veg blends are:

  • Beetroot, apple and ginger
  • Carrot, orange and lemon
  • Spinach, cucumber, apple and lime

These are an excellent way to give kids a healthy, nutrient-packed, ice-cold treat on summer days.

Whatever takes your fancy, we can cater to all ice pop or yogurt lolly needs. 

Private Label Lollies

Natural Frozen Foods can either provide you our own branded pops, with high quality at reasonable prices, or we can work with you to develop your own branded ice pops or lollies, subject to minimum orders. Contact us for more details.